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I am on the bartering train

but I hadn’t expanded my horizons to thinking about contacting farmers directly here (there aren’t a lot of them.) We do have an Edible Food Park which serves the food banks, and if you volunteer there, you are able to take home whatever you need (within reason.) I have a bunch of seedlings which are ready to go into the ground as soon as I know whether we’re going to get a downpour or not !!

As you know, I started teaching Spanish classes for $ this past month. One of the families is struggling financially and we had already come to an arrangement where she would just pay me in “food storage” whatever she felt she could spare (they too have a year’s supply of food etc.)

Her kids and my youngest go to the same homeschooling co-op which is 26 miles away from our homes. I emailed her this morning and asked if she would consider swapping out rides to and from school for DS13 in exchange for spanish lessons and we’ll drop the whole food storage thing.


I am so grateful. Taking him to and from that place is a HUGE drain on our car/gas bill. I can make $60-70 stretch close to two weeks when I don’t have to go down there. What a HUGE blessing.

I know Roberta just posted about bartering/trading work for fresh food and she stole my thunder!

LOL! I was going to suggest bartering for those things you need or want but can no longer put in the budget. We started this with our dentist several years ago and have done it with others since then.
Just remember, if you choose to barter, to ask the decision maker. The person at the check out in the store or the professional’s office usually isn’t the one to ask. The the owner/professional.
You may be able to get more of what you need than you realize by bartering. Plus, it may help lead to a job.