Monthly Archives: November 2016

So hubby and I are on step 4

and how fitting is that there’s been a huge conversation here about 401K’s and Roth Ira’s here the last week or so.

I am reading Total Money Makeover right now and see that Dave says to put whatever a company will match into a 401K and then fund the rest into a ROTH IRA until you are up to 15%. Right now we have 9% going in my husband’s 401K. His company only matches 6%. So we know we need to take the other 3% and get a Roth started.

I have two questions about that. In the book Dave didn’t mention as to why it’s better to go with a Roth instead of putting 15% into the 401K. Does anyone know why?

And secondly, does anyone have any good recommendations for a company to go with to set up an ROTH or who I should stay away from?