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No one stone me for this

but I’ve heard M suggest when you have such high interest rates to look into getting a lower rate by getting a signature loan or worse case scenario do a balance transfer. Then work like crazy to get rid of that debt before the rate goes up on the transfer.
There is no way I’d pay that type of interest rate, even if I had to sell everything to get rid of that cc.
If you only had 1-2 cards I would stay stick with DR’s plan because in the long run the difference in what you pay would be minimal, but with five other debts that one is going to be the last one in the train. Unless you can really knock those other 5 out quickly I’d seriously look at killing that big one in one way or another.
As soon as you said Capitol One I knew they wouldn’t work with you, and be aware they are selling a lot of their accounts to Citibank, which is worse.
While I’m not a big advocate of balance transfers, I’d really look into doing it if you can’t get a signature loan. One with zero interest rate for a year or longer preferably.
Also, if you can’t get a loan or a bt then pay all you can every time you can. Interest is figured on the average daily balance so even if you only find yourself with $5 extra dollars on any given day, pay that five online right then. We are saving a lot of money on interest doing this. Not only by lowering the average balance, but because the interest is compounded DAILY, thus bringing your average daily balance up higher if you aren’t applying money to it constantly. So the faster you lower your average daily balance the less interest you will pay.